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Support In Situ with a one-time donation!

In Situ exists to provide knowledge that’s not available anywhere else. It’s our contribution to Principle 5: Education, Training and Information. Specifically, there are a lot of cooperative experiences around the world that people don’t hear about, because even though someone has written about them, that writing is only available in one language. That’s what we’re here to change.

We give away our work, because the people who most need to read this material are the ones who are least able to pay for it. However, if you find value in what we do, and you are in a position to support our work with a donation, we would be most grateful. What you see here represents many hours of work, shoehorned in around paying work. Compensation for this time, even at a modest level, would allow us to not only continue this work, but to prioritize it. Also, we will include the names of donor in future emails!

Thank you so much!