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Cooperation where you are

workers celebrate the expropriation of the Hotel BAUEN
Workers and supporters celebrate the expropriation of the BAUEN. Source

After the crash of the Argentine economy in 2001, a group of workers occupied and re-opened a 12-story hotel in the heart of Buenos Aires. To do so, they had to overcome the corrupt former owners, hostile politicians, and the fact that they were starting from less than nothing.

Andrés Ruggeri and his team at the Facultad Abierta (in the University of Buenos Aires) documented their struggle in BAUEN: The Workers’ Hotel. In Situ is now publishing this book in English, Spanish, and Portuguese in daily emails of 300-500 words each. Sign up for the newsletter, and then catch up on issues you may have missed.

Next book: The Cooperative Man: Arizmendiarrieta’s Thought

People interested in worker co-ops may know the name “Arizmendi,” but who was Father Arizmendiarrieta? What words did he use to build the Mondragon co-ops? This is not a biography, but an “ideography.” There are quotes from him on most of its 600+ pages.

In Situ will begin publishing this book in October.