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About us

We believe that worker cooperatives are the fairest way to organize a workplace, and that the cooperative commonwealth is the fairest way to organize an economy. Co-ops are non-coercive, grassroots, and organized by everyday people, so they tend to grow slowly and quietly. And yet, as they do so, they have a powerful effect on their communities. The purpose of In Situ is to amplify their voices and their examples. 

Co-ops and their supporters are as diverse as any collection of human beings could be, and at the same time, we are united by shared principles, common interests, and mutual inspiration. A better world isn’t just possible, it’s taking shape, right now, one co-op at a time. It’s not something that’s far away. It’s right where you are.

Teo lives in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

Steve lives in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.