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BAUEN, day 40

One of issues with the trustee was the inventory of goods, because if it was done at the end of the occupation, they could be accused of having taken anything that was missing. Finally, an inventory was done of everything in the hotel at the time of the occupation, and the bankruptcy judge ended up giving the former workers provisional possession of the property. This resolution, despite its finite duration, served to give legal coverage to the first months of the takeover.

The arrogance of a businessman used to doing what he wants and to looking down on his workers was obvious in his final exchange with the occupiers. Eva continues: “Marcelo Iurcovich told us, mockingly, to stay, that it would be cheaper for him than a security company, and that if we could make it operate, then we should work there.” He was in for a surprise, and even more so his son and heir, Hugo, since Marcelo would pass away a short time later.


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