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June 2022

BAUEN, day 34

Iurchovich’s companies According to an investigation by journalist Guillermo Berasategui, the Iurcovich group is composed of almost 30 firms, several of which are simply name changes (changes to legal names) of existing firms, to facilitate certain evasive or fraudulent maneuvers. The flagship company is the Bauen hotel. Original group businesses: – Polytechnics (hospitality supplies)– Industrial Maintenance and Services Company (new name of Polytechnics) Hotel Bauen and derived or connected businesses: – Bauen SA– Bauen SACIC– Bauen SRL (which operated the… Read More »BAUEN, day 34

BAUEN, day 33

Solari Félix Santiago Solari Morello doesn’t have anything to do with the Solari family (except perhaps his anti-communism and his sympathy for the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet),1 prominent members of the bourgeoisie of Chile. Together with the Cúneo and Del Río families.2 they control the ownership of the chain of Falabella businesses, which arrived in Argentina in 1993. It is probable that this happy coincidence of last name and nationality did not awaken suspicions in anyone who learned that, four… Read More »BAUEN, day 33