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BAUEN, day 33


Félix Santiago Solari Morello doesn’t have anything to do with the Solari family (except perhaps his anti-communism and his sympathy for the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet),1 prominent members of the bourgeoisie of Chile. Together with the Cúneo and Del Río families.2 they control the ownership of the chain of Falabella businesses, which arrived in Argentina in 1993. It is probable that this happy coincidence of last name and nationality did not awaken suspicions in anyone who learned that, four years later, the BAUEN hotel passed into the hands of “the Chilean Solari group,” as the newspaper Clarín3 reported. Félix, who was fleeing lawsuits in his country, also came from another economic sector, food. Even after his failed hotel management, he continues in the same activity through the use of the Niña Bonita grill, which is located around the corner from the BAUEN, on Corrientes avenue.4 Another version, published in Página/12, maintains that Solari is not the one who exploits the grill but is, rather, exploited in it, which is to say, is employed.5 In any case, Solari’s solvency when he signed the contracts with the Iurcoviches does not seem to have been guaranteed by anything more than his coincidental last name and national origin. Still, the Iurcoviches do not appear be very worried by these financial aspects as they close multi-million-peso agreements, if the dubious deal they made with Mercoteles is any indication.

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