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BAUEN, day 34

Iurchovich’s companies

According to an investigation by journalist Guillermo Berasategui, the Iurcovich group is composed of almost 30 firms, several of which are simply name changes (changes to legal names) of existing firms, to facilitate certain evasive or fraudulent maneuvers. The flagship company is the Bauen hotel.

Original group businesses: – Polytechnics (hospitality supplies)
– Industrial Maintenance and Services Company (new name of Polytechnics)

Hotel Bauen and derived or connected businesses: – Bauen SA
– Bauen SACIC
– Bauen SRL (which operated the hotel through 1992)
– Finvercon (the legal advisers of this enterprise were sons of Martínez de Hoz and Mariano Grondona)
– Wells Fargo (bank that gave loans; bought Finvercon in 1997)
– Colomba Viajes (received a credit of U$S1,100,000 from Finvercon)
– Divelux (works in the Polytechnics office; is a subsidiary of Indaltec)
– Harrington Financial Overseas
– Arvic SA (held events in the Bauen’s rooms)
– Feast SA (in charge of the Bauen’s food service)
– Tourism Hotels (partner in the loan from BANADE)
– Sol Jet SA (used the hotel in Misiones)
– Ramsay SA (tourist hotels)
– Grower (shareholder in the Bauen)
– Indaltec (subsidiary of Polytechnics)
– Mercoteles SA (bought the BAUEN after Solari’s bankruptcy)
– Bauen Suites
– Ghesa
– Rentatur
– Corman Corporation Virtual of Tourism
– Vacation Systems
– Buzios Megaresorts
– Lodgings and Temporary Shelters
– Solo Aparts
– Crafton Inc., SA
– Investment Bauen Do Brazil
– Radwell (off-shore located in Uruguay)
– Darwell (off-shore located in Uruguay)
– Bolton Group (off-shore located in Uruguay; this enterprise had judicial problems with Juan Carlos Hernández of Mercoteles) – Deporcor (belongs to Hugo Iurcovich)
– Event Organization (Hugo Iurcovich)
– Sedaguma (Hugo Iurcovich is on the board)
– Suma (Hugo Iurcovich is on the board)
– Sycic (subsidiary of Polytechnics; focused on real-estate investments in Puerto Madero)
– JM Aragon Construction (Sycic is a shareholder)
– Dique 1 (Sycic is a shareholder)
– Puerto Santo (Sycic is a shareholder)
– Consultex (Raquel Kaliman, wife of Marcelo Iurcovich, is the owner; Carlos Sterin and Alejandro Granillo Ocampo are on the board).


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