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BAUEN, day 97

La Nación gets upset by the lack of respect for private property that “illegal occupations” represent, when private property is violated to defend other constitutional rights, like the right to work, housing, education, and a dignified life. They never get upset, in contrast, when public property is attacked. They are not indignant about the growth of the national debt, by the destruction of jobs, or by the closure of thousands of factories, nor were they outraged when Martínez de Hoz and Cavallo destroyed public assets and nationalized private external debt, or when Sturzenegger set up a gigantic carry trade from within the Central Bank, at the expense of the State, as always.

It is logical that they do not become indignant, because are part of that looting. Not starting now, when they have accumulated a debt of more than 300 million pesos to the State, but right from the beginning, when they were born as the newspaper of the oligarchy in the times when the liberal State was consolidated with two genocides, one in Paraguay and the other of the original peoples of La Pampa and Patagonia, in which there was an illegal occupation of thousands of square kilometers of the richest lands in the country. It would be interesting, when they say that “our country is not a good example of respect for property,” for them to look at their own history.


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