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BAUEN, day 99

Nor do they seem to know that was the reform of the bankruptcy law in 2011 that benefits business recovery by the workers. With all its deficiencies (among them, that it leaves a lot of discretion to judges to decide whether to use the mechanism or not, and that it extends the time long beyond the ability to wait of workers who just lost their source of income), La Nación decides to ignore its existence. In the simplified heads of neoliberals, businesses are like living beings, which are born, grow, age, and die (and some reproduce infinitely, like the Macri group), and the bankruptcy law is what regulates what is done with the goods of the dead. But this owner faked the death of the business, stripped the assets, sold everything to a front man, and left his employees with crumbs. And in the case of Bauen SACIC, nothing.

The occupancy of factories and businesses is one of the few tools of struggle that workers have to defend their right to work when employers abandon their responsibilities. It is illegal to commit business fraud. It is illegal to leave people without the means of subsistence to make a financial or real estate deal, or simply to get rid of the assets of the business without cost. The BAUEN cooperative is not illegal, among other things because the National Congress recognized it through a law that, although the president has vetoed it, is still in the legislative process, because the parliament has the capability to override the veto. And it is, just like the struggle of all the workers in the recovered businesses (and those yet to be recovered), legitimate in the eyes of the Argentine people.

This book finished printing in April 2017 in C.A.B.A. – Argentine Republic


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